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Smart CMA

Smart CMA is an AI-powered tool that improves the accuracy and efficiency of Comparative Market Analysis by providing relevance scores and price suggestions for each home. This saves realtors countless hours on market research and allows them to confidently select the most relevant comparables, leading to more accurate analysis in significantly less time.

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Smart CMA

Discover the Power of Smart CMA

Transforming the way realtors conduct Comparative Market Analysis


Utilizes AI algorithms for feature extraction and image recognition, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Time Saving

Realtors can save over 15 hours of work each week, allowing them to focus on converting more leads into clients.

Increase in Income

Potential to increase yearly income by over $16k by improving lead conversion rate by 15%.


Deliver personalized reports by conducting instant area analysis and providing client compatibility scores.

Smart CMA

Product Benefits

Our product offers a variety of benefits that can help optimize your CMA strategy, save time, and increase efficiency.

AI-Powered Relevance Scores

Quick and Accurate Comparable Selection

Efficient Price Adjustments

Auto-Generated Marketing Designs

Personalized Client Reports

Instant Area Analysis

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